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Happy Diwali -Pistachio Almond Cookies-(Badaam -Pista Nankhatai)

Wishing all my friends a very HAPPY DIWALI and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!!

Badaam -Pista Nankhatai

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Diwali !!Made these nankhatai for Diwali .The recipe is very simple and super easy to make once you get  the ingredients measured correctly.These are made in pure ghee the old fashioned way instead of margarine.The difference in taste is  substantial because of the ghee. Thandai powder has fennel,poppyseeds,cardamom,nutmeg etc which gives a very exotic flavor to the cookies.Once you get around making these you'll never go back to store bought ones.You can also  make these plain by just adding cardamom seeds and omitting the saffron,almonds and pistas and Thandai powder.

Ingredients :

1 1/4 th cup unbleached all purpose flour(maida)
2/3 rd cup pure ghee
1/2 cup sugar
1/8th tsp baking powder
1/8th tsp salt
1 tsp Thandai or milk masala pwdr(optional)
pinch of crushed saffron
seeds of 4 green cardamom crushed
Handful of almond and pistachios roughly chopped

Position rack in the center of the oven and preheat oven to 350 F
In a bowl mix together the flour,baking soda,salt,thandai pwdr and set aside.
Melt ghee in a saucepan over low heat.
Add sugar and stir to dissolve 2-3 mins.
Remove from heat and combine with dry ingredients.
Add crushed cardamom seeds ,saffron,chopped almondsl and pistachios and combine thoroughly with a wooden spoon.When the  dough is cool enough to handle mix with your fingers and knead to form a ball. While it is still warm divide dough into 16-20  small walnut size balls .Roll each between your palms ,flatten slightly and place the discs on a cookie tray lined with aluminum foil 1 inch apart.Press a few slivered pieces of almond and pistachios on top of the cookiesBake 15-20 mins or till the bottoms are lightly colored.Cool and store in an airtight container.

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  1. The Nankhatai's look perfect ...... nice diwali decor !!

  2. looks so tempting.. yummy... hope u had great diwali..

  3. Nankhatai luks fabulous,nicely presented...Wish u the same to u and to ur family.

  4. Mu husband loves these. I have to try your recipe! Hope you had a wonderful diwali.

  5. Pista almond cookies look so delicious,hope you had an awesome Diwali...


  6. Diwali decoration was so beautiful. Delicious looking cookies.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Lovely Diwali Decor Ragini, the nankhatai sounds super easy..thanks for linking in the Diwali Dhamaka Carnival

  8. Hi Dear,

    The cookies look great...Lovely clicks of Diwali diyas...:)



  9. lovely nankhatais, hope u had a fun diwali!

  10. Wish you a belated diwali :)

    Lovely pics and the sweet looks delicious :)

  11. Thank U for visiting my blog.... I see u have a lovely blog here.... lovely nd yumy cookies :)

  12. Nankhatai looks yummy..Beautiful diwali spread...

  13. Happy Diwali to you too..Perfect and ymmy nankhatais..

  14. Belated Happy Diwali to you...
    Lovely blog n lovely nan khatais...


  15. So damn cool ... Ragini...
    Have nostalgic memories linked to the nankatai's as a kid....

    Here for the first time !Do sneak a peek when time permits.


    Sandhya's Kitchen

  16. Hi Ragini... first time here and loved your blog . Saw your garden pics , you have a nice garden and loved those strawberries n it's so good of you that you let the birds enjoy it too. It's a treat to see the birds enjoying any kind of fruit.

  17. very lovely nankhatai dear....

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    kindly collect it

  19. hie...grab ur award frm http://punjabifooddiary.blogspot.com/ :)

  20. Nice recipe, and nice blog. Its my first time here :) I think we might live in the same area, or same state at least. :)


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