Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My kitchen pics for 'October Blog Carnival-It's a cook's nook event'

Last week I had sent  my kitchen pics for Nupur's 'Kitchens Revealed ' event  .This week I got an invitation from Sharon  who writes a beautiful  home decor blog at to participate in the 'October Blog Carnival -It's a cook's nook' event  at her blog and I'm more than happy to do the same.
It's always fun to view kitchen pics and get to share new ideas  .This time around I'm also posting some of my kitchen garden pics because it is an intricate part on my kitchen and cooking too.

Here's the  link if you would like to participate

White zodiac countertops ,white cabinets ,dark walnut wood floors and SS appliances give my kitchen a very contemporary look and feel not to mention that I have to work extra hard to maintain that look :)
I knew  it would be a challenge to  go for an all white on white  kitchen especially if you use a lot of spices in your everyday cooking and cook a lot but I couldn't pass this up.

This is my KitchenAid kitchen fridge (I have one more Kitchen Aid  fridge in the adjacent room) I was  always short of freezer space so bought a second one..

Peek inside the kitchen fridge

peek inside the second fridge
KitchenAid dishwasher ,Moen faucet n Kohler sink.

A peek inside my  walk in kitchen pantry

Bar on the left

Kitchen Aid 8 burner gas range with dual convection ovens makes cooking a breeze not to mention it's the star of my kitchen.

walk in pantry on the right

Yellow tomatoes that I grew in my backyard kitchen garden this summer

Vine ripened  red tomatoes

Watermelon which I grew meticulously  from seed but unfortunately got destroyed 2 weeks before harvest thanks to the carelessness of the workers who sprayed weed killer on it !!

Strawberries some we ate some the birds enjoyed :))I did not want to put a protective net around it as I've read sometimes their little feet get caught in it. So I let them enjoy it too.

My kitchen garden when it was just planted in spring early this yr


view of my backyard from my kitchen
Gardenias blooming in my front yard
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  1. Thanks a bunch for your entry Ragini, your kitchen looks fabulous..hats off for picking white and maintaining it!

  2. What a beautiful home you have !! I would love to cook in a kitchen like this ..The walk-in pantry is sooo great :)

    Best Regards

  3. Just amazed by looking at your kitchen, sparkling white colour. I know it must be really painstaking to maintain this.

  4. Hey wonderful kitchen and great gardening.. i love your garden work.. very nice .. watermelons and tomatoes.. they were really cute. neatly kept kitchen esp white countertops :-) beautiful gardenias..

  5. Hi Ragini,
    Been following your blog for quite some time and loving evry inch of it. Amazing write up and totally funky expression. Hey your kichen, garden and the total decor looks fab! And i agree it adds up to the wonderful cooking experience. Keep it up.

  6. Wow, gorgeous garden and backyard..must be fun growing fruits n veggies in your own yard..awesome

    Aaha Oho

  7. beautiful kitchen! looks neat n organised

  8. Your white chic kitchen is soooo beautiful.. and neat and tidy..sleek and modern!!Love it!! Kitchen garden is absolute gorgeous.. You have a very big green thumb:)

  9. Hi Ragini,

    This is an awesome space. Loved the all-white kitchen! I almost went in for one myself, but I changed over to cream last minute, as I was worried that the excessive use of spices might make it difficult to maintain. Love how brave (and obviously hard working) you are!

    You have a walk-in pantry? Wow! and a kitchen garden too! Lovely post, and thank you for participating!

  10. What a beautiful kitchen Ragini in such a great space wud surely be more fun !!!

  11. Wow white looks so neat, clean and feel good factor...It must be very hard to maintain....Lovely pics

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Hey Ragini,you have a pristine kitchen,love those fruits,vegetables and flowers from your garden.....

    Pushpa @

  13. wowww you have a lovely kitchen and your fridge arrangement is so neat and nice :)

  14. Wonderful post and a beautiful kitchen

  15. you got a very beautiful kitchen ragini, well maintained and clean...loved seeing few pics of it

  16. I am first time here...and i am a little jealous looking at the kitchen,garden and all...u r so fortunate...i wud love to have some space like dis one day,fed up with appartment....any ways u also seem to have green hands........blessed are you....

  17. You have a gorgeous kitchen. 8 burner stove is something in my dreams (I'm a teeny weeny bit jealous of u :-)).. Thanks for stopping by my blog.. keep visiting.

  18. hi ragini,

    thnx for visiting my blog... N to be honest I'm in love with ur kitchen. Oh my! wat a lovely pictures.. keep visitng me.. Happy blogging

  19. What a gorgeous space. And your kitchen garden is to die first time here, came over from the keybunch! I think I'm sticking around to explore...

  20. Hi,
    wonderful kitchen and great gardening.And thanks for sharing wonderful recipes/


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