Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My 50th Post and Meeting with celeb chef Giada de Laurentiis !!

My meeting with Giada

Welcome to  my 50th post !! Cannot believe how quickly they add up and as promised here's the  meeting with the someone special I was talking about .All  who love cooking have a favorite chef whose recipes,cooking methods and presentations we adore.Mine happens to be the uber celebrity chef  Giada de Laruentiis .She 's cooked for the best of the best of Hollywood and also  has two very successful shows on Food Network namely 'Everyday Italian' and 'Giada at Home' .I've been religiously watching her shows since a few years now and am always in awe of  her passion for cooking,her simple healthy recipes ,cooking methods ,her  exotic presentations and even her fabulous beach facing kitchen in her Malibu mansion in California !! Not to mention that she herself looks like a supermodel and critics actually blamed FoodTV for hiring a model for ratings till they found out that she was a graduate from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school in France !!Well can't blame her for she also happens to be the daughter of an actress and the granddaughter of a Hollywood film producer so she was born to be glamorous!

My personally autographed book by Giada

Ok I can go on endlessly about her but coming back  to the point I had the great privilege of meeting her in person !! Imagine that !!They say you should never meet your breaks the magic spell .But I simply had to especially when fate brought her to my town one Sunday afternoon for her book signing event for her latest book 'Giada at Home' at our local Barnes n Noble store around 4 months ago and I wasn't even aware of it!! We were just driving by deciding where to go when my hubby just happened to drive by  the Barnes n Noble store and presto !! There was a huge banner of her book signing event outside.I still couldn't beleive it so we went in and asked and they said she'll be coming in a couple of hours and will be personally signing her cookbooks and we can even  get pictures taken with her !!So we purchased two of her cookbooks got our tag number and we were(no. 370) went for a quick lunch and were back at the bookstore waiting in  line and there she was!!! Like a Greek Goddess sitting there and even more beautiful in person !! Finally it was my turn ,got my books autographed ,spoke a few words with her ..told her how much I loved watching her shows and she thanked me ,introduced my kids to her and shook hands with her .She was wonderful and such a pleasure to meet.My hubby took the pics while my SIL took the video of a very memorable afternoon!!

And if you still feel that the info above is not enough you can get more at her website  :)


  1. whoa Ragini. You are now our celebrity for meeting Giada. I simply adore her, personality and cooking both. I have goose bumps thinking about meeting her. Lucky you and wow her signed book, must feel awesome.

    Congrats on completing 50th post. May many many more such milestones come your way.

  2. Wow Ragini !!! Glad to know that you met your idol. Lucky you. I simply love her shows. Congrats on your 50th post wishing you many more !!

  3. Ragini

    Congrats on your 50th post! OMG you are one lucky woman to meet Giada! I like Priya really adore her. I can watch her shows for ever and she is a n excellent chef! That book with her autograph is sure a treasure to keep! Good luck for more posts to come!

  4. wow thats a lifetime experience,your so lucky..and congrats on your 50th post ragini...

  5. Congrats Ragini !!! Keep rockoing more !!


  6. Hey Ragz!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! CONGRATS FR UR 50th post...n many..many.....mannnnnnnnny more 2 come..GOD BLESS...!
    n meetin Giada.....WOOOOOOOO!!! u r 1 lucky dame i must say.....:)

  7. Hi Ragini,

    Congrats on meeting your idol...i love her too!!Iam sure you are absolutely elated to have her autographed book!!!

    congrats on your 50th post too!!!


  8. congrats on your 50th post.. I love Giada as well..I miss food network here in India.. I have tried couple of her recipes too.. a soup and a cupcake i guess.. so easy even for absolute beginners(then) like me.. And I love her dressing sense too!

  9. Wow...she's the one of the most beautiful chef I have seen! And that book must join your ur treasured giftes till date.You lucky grl!!
    And congrats on ur golden jubliee post! :)
    Sinfully Spicy

  10. Congrats Ragini on ur 50th post!!N wow u r damn lucky to meet Giada!!

  11. Hi Ragini
    first time here...such a lovely space with lovely recipes too..lucky you you met Giada..I do watch her programms..

    Congrats ! feel free to visit me when you find time...followin you..

  12. Thanks you so much girls !! will post some of Giada's dishes that I have tried at home very soon !!

  13. OMG! Lucky you.. I love her shows very much that i sometime forget to eat. Thats really cool, Ragini.

    Also, thank you for your lovely comment and great to follow you.


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