Monday, August 16, 2010

Ricotta and Chocolate Chip Pancakes

1 cup whole wheat pancake mix (I like Aunt Jemima brand )

{Note : you can make these from  scratch with 1 cup all purpose flour(maida) 1 cup whole milk ,pinch salt and 1 tsp baking pwdr if you don't have the pancake mix }

1/4th cup whole milk  Ricotta cheese

1/4th cup whole milk
1/4th cup Ghirardelli semi sweet milk chocolate chips
Maple syrup
Strawberries and bananas
Olive oil for  frying

In a bowl whisk the Ricotta cheese with a fork to a smooth paste
Add milk to it and blend both well.
Add the pancake mix and fold with the fork till you have a batter .If it's too thick add more milk ,if it's runny add more pancake mix both a little at a time.
Heat a non stick pan on medium low heat .Add olive oil to it
Ladel a big spoonful of batter on the pan .Place 5-6 chocolate chips on it .When bubbles form on top flip it and cook till golden brown. Make more in a similar fashion.
Serve drizzled with Maple syrup and fruits like strawberries and bananas .


  1. This is my daughter's fav,love the chocolate chips...luks yum!

  2. Wow, wow, wow, I am bookmarking and making this for sure, lovely and mouth watering :)

  3. ur blog is blomming with very interestng recipes dear...n this one's also nice..yummy

  4. Pancake with ricotta n chocolate chips looks n sounds yum!!

  5. Nice recipe..looks so delicious..

  6. Lovely pancakes....bookmarking it..

  7. fav ingredients in that pancake..wholesome breakfast to me..looks so yummie..going to try this out sometime soonish..thanks for sharing!


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