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Avocado and Almond Milk- Mint Chocolate Chip Shake

Avocado n Almond Milk -Mint Chocolate Chip shake

My little ones like most kids are totally averse to trying out new things .Anything out of the ordinary is difficult for me to get them to even try , forget eating  it . No matter how much I tell them how healthy it is for them if the ingredients don't appeal to them they won't touch it.So I mostly play hide n seek with the healthy foods .The healthy stuff is masked behind the familiar favorites and the ingredients are not told to them.That way they happily finish if off and I'm happy too.For example sweet potato puree is hidden in chocolate chip pancakes,carrot and beet juice are hidden in orange and pineapple juices and avocados and almond milk are masked behind mint chocolate- chip ice cream in this delicious milk shake . I had told a friend of mine that I would be posting Kid friendly recipes and also healthy Lunch Box  ideas so here's a start.For the kids  this milk shake is called -Mint Chocolate Chip Milk Shake .The rest of the ingredients are for us moms only to know :) It is a delightful creamy ,minty refreshing summer drink and feels really light .
 Avocados are delicious ,heart healthy and full of  mono unsaturated good fats .They have a creamy texture which goes well with  milkshakes and icecreams.
Almond milk is a delicious ,highly nutritious drink made from ground almonds .It has no dairy products (cow's milk) in it and is hence Lactose free,Cholestrol free and Trans Fat free.

Choosing Avocados: the darker green ones are  ripe and when you press them lightly they should give in slightly but otherwise should be firm .Also cut the avocados just before you add them to anything or they tend to turn black quickly.

Organic Almond milk,Mint-Choc chip icecream,Organic Agave nectar and Avocados

Ingredients :

2 ripe Avocados
2 cups  Organic Almond milk-vanilla flavored
3 scoops of Mint Chocolate Chip icecream ( I like Baskin Robbins one )
2 tbsp Organic Agave Nectar ( sugar or any sweeteners of choice)

Note: To make your own Mint choc chip icecream
add 1 tsp peppermint extract and  1/4th cup Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate   chips to 3 scoops of Vanilla icecream and blend it all together  in the blender with the other ingredients .


Cut and chop the avocados in chunks after scooping them out of the hard skin. .Add them to the blender along with the almond milk ,agave nectar and mint chocolate chip ice cream and blend to a smooth creamy finish .Serve chilled


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  1. Wow !!so many beautiful ingredients ..loooks great!!


  2. I'm so sorry. I used to be a picky eater as a kid, so I can relateto both your kids and you. Good thing you are playing "hide n seek" with the healthy food! I've never had an avocado smoothie, but it sounds pretty good.

  3. Such a lovely color...looks delicious dear..

  4. using avocado this way is something very different and new to me, but looks very lovely esp the colour is awesome...

  5. Hi Ragini,

    Looks so yummy!!!!

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  6. Hi Ragini,


    Send me an invite from facebook...dats easy for me... :)



  7. yummy shake Ragz!!!!!!!!! keep up the good wrk... :)


  8. never tried avacado so far. this looks yummy

  9. Hey First time here...yummilicious blog ...love to visit often :) Do visit my space !!



  10. Hey First time here...yummilicious blog ...love to visit often :) Do visit my space !!




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